Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unemployment Ticks Up to 9 Percent

Recent employment numbers showed a mixed bag. While the job market added over 240,000 new jobs in April, the unemployment rate still rose to 9.0%, up two-tenth of a percent. Overall economic growth remains slow at 1.8%.

Some are speculating the increase in the jobless rate has to do with more folks entering back into the search for jobs.  After many months of bleak job growth in the private sector and unemployment remaining high there have been signs in recent months of improvement.  The last several months have shown positive job growth which is more than likely sending the long term unemployed back into the job market.


  1. Count me in on the newly unemployed. I received my Reduction In Force (RIF) notice on Monday along with 5 other people. I am a teacher in WA and we are already struggling because although I was job sharing, my husbands 110 mile round trip commute is costing us. Not to mention of course the upswing in food prices.

    We have made some preparations for lean times, but it is still a blow to a person to be told you're no longer wanted or needed and you will not have the security of a paycheck. I am applying for a couple of non-teaching jobs this week, but of course hope to find work in the classroom. I can always sub, but I did that for one year and it is tough. We will see what pans out. Oh, did I mention that oldest daughter is graduating from HS and heading off to college? Times are tough.

  2. Rose, my condolences on the loss of your teaching job. I also live in WA and I know of at least one school district that will be laying teachers off for the upcoming school year. I was fortunate that I recently found employment, but it still doesn’t cover what I used to make.

  3. May I ask what field you are employed in and what your previous job was? 2 1/2 years ago my DH was laid off and his new job doesn't even cover what he used to make. We just seem to keep inching down (all part of that plan to get more people dependent on the dole- we are holding out), but we are keeping our chins up and heads held high.

  4. Rose, I am retired military after 27.5 years. I was trained as a weather forecasted for the US Air Force, but spent the last 12-15 years or so as a manager of things and a leader of people. The retirement check isn't enough to cover us, so I now work retail at a Home Improvement center. I have a few irons in the fire for a couple of other positions.