Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stuff Still Happening in Wisconsin

For many of you, I am sure that since the whole Wisconsin “occupy the state house because we can” thing is weeks in the past, that other issues in Wisconsin probably are not at the top of your reading list.  Well, there is some news to report and it could have far-reaching impacts.

About the same time Wisconsin was coming apart at the seams, there was a political race for a position as Justice on the State Supreme Court. It had become heated, with the democrats throwing a ton of effort to get their candidate, JoAnne Kloppenburg, elected. After the polls were closed and the votes were being tallied it looked like Kloppenburg had defeated David Prosser, the incumbent Justice, in a close race.  But wait, there more. It seems that a county election official forget to push a certain button to get the counties votes into the main vote collection center. Once this error was corrected, Prosser had gained enough votes to top Kloppenburg. The final tally was close enough for a taxpayer funded recount ($500,000 so far in a budget strapped state). Now that it looks like the recount is going to come out in favor of Prosser, the Kloppenburg camp is deciding whether or not to take the results to court.

OK, now that you have the background in a nutshell, you should read this post by Moe Lane over at Red He thinks it is high time the Wisconsin democrats get a little adult leadership and tell Kloppenburg and her group to go pound sand. Actually, no one said that except me show wishes he could say that to the Kloppenburg group.

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