Saturday, May 28, 2011

Educate Thy Self

Further proof that democrats have been and are still out of touch with most Americans.  First it was the health care bill, then it was the appointment of the SCOTUS Justices who are far to the left, then it was domestic energy production.  Now it appears that a majority of Americans support a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

The one thing that continues to confuse me is how democrats continue to get elected. I know there are location across the US that a conservative politician would have an easier time selling heaters in a hot place than get elected in that particular district. San Francisco comes to mind, as does Portland, OR and some locations in New York.  But outside of these very liberal districts, why is it that democrats continue to get elected?

I have my theories. First of all, we are not terribly bright. I know we are a smart people at our core, but we don’t bother to educate ourselves on issues: We are lazy. Rather than educating ourselves, we rely on 10 second tidbits from the extremely liberal media to make our decisions. Rather than research an issue, we let people who have an agenda “teach” us. How difficult was it for the voters in New York district 26 to do a little reading to find out that Ryan budget was NOT the end of Medicare. But the democrats knew voters were not going to take the time to de the research. They knew a very large percentage was going to rely on those 10 second sound bites on which to base their decision. In fact, Medicare is not dead under the Ryan budget; far from it. The Ryan budget is designed to save Medicare. Yes, there are tweaks that are going to be done, but grandma is not going to thrown off the cliff as the democrats would have you believe. But there is no way we can continue to put money into Medicare as we do now and to have it remain solvent. Paraphrasing Margaret Thatcher: Pretty soon you run out of other people’s money.

We are all very busy. We have jobs, kids, spouses, families, and a whole host of other commitments that pull at our time. It is hard to carve out time in our day for items that may not seem important. We know that educating ourselves should be a priority, but when the phone rings because you kid needs to be picked up after practice, or dinner has to be cooked, it just seems impossible. Where do we get the extra time needed to make these decisions? That is a difficult question and only each individual can answer that question.

But what happens when we don’t educate ourselves? We get a President that has no business sitting in the Oval Office. This guy has nearly zero experiences in either the political or business world. The men and women he associated with would have never passed muster. Would you really have voted for Obama if you would have known that Bill Ayers was an unrepentant domestic terrorist?  While the MSM did very little reporting on the Ayers connection, there really was no shortage of information. His pastor was unapologetically anti-American. Again, the MSM did cover this to a small degree, but it was mostly glossy reporting. Plus, the media did almost no reporting on his business acumen. Obama has never had to meet a payroll and he has been quoted as saying businesses are the enemy. 

I firmly believe there are democrats out there who regret not staying behind Clinton during the primary. I know there is no way I could ever support Clinton for President if she were running against almost any conservative out there. But if I had voted in the democrat primary, looking at the issues and the experience level, Clinton would have been an easy pick.

When we let the main stream media be our source of information for these kinds of decisions, we get results like NY district 26. The media was more than willing to let Hochul’s fear attacks run nearly unopposed and unconfirmed. It is scary to hear that grandpa was going to die if someone like Corwin gets elected. Hochul focused on how the Ryan budget was gong to impact Granny. But an informed voter would have known that the proposed changes to Medicare by the Ryan budget would not have impacted those currently on Medicare.  Did the Hochul campaign mention that little fact? Not hardly. But a little research on some of the voters’ part could have made a difference.

If we don’t figure out a way to get the information we need to make the informed decisions, we are going to be cursed to repeat our mistakes. According to the media, none of the current crop of Republicans will be able to beat Obama in 2012. Of course, you shouldn’t believe the media, since they have an agenda to maintain. But we must also continue to inform ourselves. Do we really want to see the spending continue at the Obama levels? Do we really want to have a President who plays very fast a loose with the rules and the Constitution? If only 500,000 more people (Way more than my readership) were willing to take the time to educate themselves, there is no way Obama wins in 2012.

People who do spend the time to read this blog and the many others out there are willing to spend the time to get smart. What you need to do if find those people out there who are on the fence or who are not informed as they should be and get them informed. Help them. Point them to blogs like this, Michelle Malkin, Red State, The “Big” sites, Director Blue, and many others too numerous to list.


  1. HEY PACNM RIGHTY.....I have to do anonymous to get anything posted on the comment end of blogs...when I do google, like I did before it redirects me to a place to start a blog of my own....NO, NO....I just love to lurk and comment from time to time....Read a weeks worth of your posts....
    I do point people all the time and these are mostly people that believe the conservative, if all are mostly conservative, how come the left progressives are always the ones on top?
    Sandy in NC

  2. Anon, you ask an interesting question. To fight this uphill battle, conservatives need to take a lesson from the progressives and learn how to better organize. the Tea Party was a great start, but the movement has to be maintained. this is the area where we get beat all the time. As I pointed out early on, everyone has a life that takes priority. But for many folks on the left, their lives are furthering the progessive ideaology. A classic case is myself. My blog is small, doesn't compare to Malkin and a few of the others who are actually able to make living off blogging. I started it while I was unemployed. I had the time to blog and spend time with my family and my hobby. Well, I am working again. The blogging has had to take a back seat so I don't post nearly as often as I used to. My life takes priority. But I do try to stay informed and post things that will help keep my readers informed, but I have had to cut back.

  3. Patrice writes for WND. Why don't you submit some of your stuff to them and maybe your bloggy name will get out and then it will generate some funds for you....I will pray for that...
    And glad to hear that you do some time with family and hobby.....along with working and not sitting on your butt like a lot of people..
    Time is certainly getting shorter and today we are closer to going home with the Lord than we were this afternoon....
    And thank your for your service to this country, even tho the progressive socialists could give a crap....I do....
    Sandy in NC

  4. Sandy in NC. Patrice has been very kind to me and has provided a link or three back to my site for which I have been most grateful. She has generated a ton of traffic for me. Since she has done this my daily readership (those who come back) has increased 5-fold.

    And thanks, it has truly been an honor to serve this nation.