Friday, May 13, 2011

New Scandal Hits Detroit

Detroit has long been known as a city filled with corruption a mayor who went to prison for lying under oath, to a group of school district employees who stole a pile of money, to a mayoral aide who has been charged with bribery and extortion.

Now it appears they city has yet another scandal on their hands (via Drudge Report). $1.2 million dollars was awarded in a no-bid contract (warning bells right there) by the Human Services Department to a non-profit to pay employees who were to provide food and other assistance to Detroit’s poor. Somehow some of that money found its way back to the Human Services Department in the form of furniture worth more than $200,000.

By using a service contract to buy furniture, the department violated a city ordinance that requires City Council approval for purchases of more than $25,000, said Greg Murray, vice president and administrative representative for the Senior Accounts, Analysts and Appraisers Association, which represents some of the human Services employees.

“A department that gave a no-bid contract to a company gets more than $200,000 in furniture?... There’s something wrong,” said Murray, who made the council aware of the contract and purchase. (Source: Detroit Free Press)

Sometimes, when you consider all the corruption that has been reported over the years, if seems like the people who work for (city employees) and represent (elected officials) the people of Detroit are vultures picking at the corpse of a dead body. You really have to wonder if the people of Detroit will ever wake up.

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