Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gas Station Owner Makes Mistake, Out $21,000

Please note the headline indicates a gas station owner, not the oil company, is out $21,000.

Here is something you might find interesting, and maybe a little sad (a video a Glenn It seems that an independent gas station owner made a mistake on his computer when entering the price of a gallon of gas. Somehow, rather than entering $4.29, he entered $1.10. For four hours folks came by purchasing gas from this station and no one said a word to the owner and now he is out $21,000.00.  It is little things like this that really have me worried about the state of affairs in this nation of ours. I wonder if any of the folks who purchased gas from this station feel any guilt at all. If they were trying to get back at the big oil companies, this was a complete failure.  The only person hurt was the owner of the station.  He had already purchased the gas from the distributor.

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