Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tell Me Again How "Green" is Good

File this under the “just dandy” category. While Obama and the progressive try with all their might to cut us off from oil with “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket”, the last US-owned solar panel maker is struggling.

We are losing big time in the manufacturing department to other nations. We are becoming a nation of the service industry. We no longer make steel in any quantity that matters, China and Japan have us whipped. We have lost a major share of the automotive industry to Japan and Korea and to a lesser extent, Europe.  With the outlawing of the incandescent bulb, we don’t make light bulb anymore.  The fluorescent bulb is made overseas. Now it seems that the Chinese are the only ones who are going to cash in on our forced switch to “green energy”.

How long will it be before we lose our edge in the IT arena? I’m guessing it won’t be long.

And why is it that we are losing our manufacturing? Environmental regulations and high cost of labor.  I certainly know that if I were a business owner and had a choice between going out of business and moving my operations overseas, I don’t think I’d have to think very long.  I’d have to learn a new language.

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