Friday, May 13, 2011

DREAM Act Coming Soon

Just in case you were wondering if I was just bloviating about the DREAM Act, Politico (not my favorite site but it has its uses) has the story and it surely looks like the democrats are going to reintroduce the DREAM Act. The last time it passed the democrat-controlled House, but I don’t think it will even make it to the Senate where it failed to overcome a filibuster the last time.

I do want to add that I am not necessarily against the DREAM Act, but I don’t like it in its current form and I fear what comes after. I have absolutely no doubts that Obama and the progressives will attempt to pass further legislation that will grant more and more illegal immigrants (we don’t call them undocumented workers here at PACNW Righty) amnesty.

Do I think kids should be “punished” who were brought here when they were too young to make the decision for themselves? Not necessarily. But I also don’t think these kids should get a free pass. You want to get your education and become a citizen? Fine, but you pay out of state rates, just like other foreign students pay. Why, you might ask, should they pay out of state rates? Well, it really is simple. If they are not citizens of the US, then they most certainly are NOT citizens of the state where they are going to college.  If you want the citizenship after you GRADUATE apply just like everyone else. As for the military route, I want four years of your butt in uniform before I even begin to think about granting you a precious American citizenship. Anyone can do two years in the military standing on their ear. Give me four years or it ain’t gonna happen.

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