Saturday, May 28, 2011

Obama's Hostility Towards Domestic Energy Production

Yesterday I blogged about getting educated on matters of policy and the body-political. I mentioned that the political elite depend on us not being educated to further their agenda. This is especially true of the progressives and their socialistic agenda. If the folks were properly educated, most of the agenda they are trying to push through would never see the light of day.

Mike over at Confederate Yankee has an excellent post that touches on this subject very well. If the people had been willing to educate themselves on the policies that Obama had in store for us, he most likely would not have been elected. If anyone had cared to dig a little Obama’s desire for our nation when it comes to energy production and use was very clear. And those policies have become even more apparent over the 2+ years he has been President. Form his shut down of off-shore drilling, to pushing ethanol subsidies even though it is a waste of taxpayer money, to the administration’s fight against shale fracking, and wasteful spending on renewable energy the Obama Administration has proven to be hostile towards nearly all forms of traditional energy production.

Education would have made his moves all that more difficult. All one has to do is try.

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