Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maryland Gives In-State Tuition to Illegals

I know that I have been blogging a lot lately about illegal immigrants and the push to grant them an easy path to citizenship. But I am concerned that Obama and his group are making pushes to complete their progressive agenda.  Because of this push, shining a light on this agenda is my way of pushing back.

As the liberals begin to get the idea that most Americans are not on board with their progressive agenda, they are starting to get a little desperate.  One after another, there are laws passed that most do not want, but have been on the progressive’s plate for a while. Tick them off using your fingers: Health Care, Restrictive speech (politically correct, campaign contribution disclosure for federal contracts), 2nd Amendment (although Heller vs. DC set them back), banning of incandescent bulb.

Next target: Amnesty. I do believe that the progressives and Obama can see the writing on the wall on this issue so they are going to piecemeal it, sort of chip away at the foundation. At the federal level, the DREAM Act is going to get another shot in Congress. (I don’t think it is likely to pass since Republicans control the House. But what worries me is that Obama will issue an Executive Order that will essentially grant amnesty to the 12 million illegal immigrants.) At the state level, progressive states such as California and New York have already implemented their own version of the DREAM Act by giving illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates.  Now Maryland has joined them with Gov. Martin O’Malley signing a bill giving illegal immigrants the same tuition rates as residents of Maryland.

One of the keys here is that the folks who supported this bill several times referred to illegal immigrants as “undocumented workers”. Once you see that you know that practicality and logic has gone out the window and they are running on pure emotion.

In a previous post I mentioned I was not necessarily opposed to some form of action for the kids of illegal immigrants, but I want the thresholds to be tougher that what is currently been proposed.  I don’t think anyone who is not of legal status, regardless of the circumstances, should be given tuitional priority over legal US citizens who wish to attend an out of state college (i.e. An Oregon resident attending UW). If they are not a US citizen they most certainly are not state residents.

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