Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chinese Controlling Green Technology

Be careful as you read the following story in the NY Times. If you only read it without really reading it, you might come away with the feeling that China is cleaning up its act pollution-wise faster than the US. Read it closely and you will see this has nothing to do with “saving the planet” and everything to do with PRODUCTION and CONTROL of green technologies.  They are doing a better job of making windmills than we are despite the fact that our President and has cabal of eco-nuts are in charge.

As we shift our energy production ever so slowly over to green technology, we will also be shifting our jobs elsewhere. We no longer make incandescent light bulbs and all fluorescent bulbs are made overseas. Most of our energy efficient appliances are not made in the USofA, but in other countries. As we move away from the oil-based energy production, the jobs associated with oil will be lost and China will be building our windmills.

The article does make one point that you must read:

“When you speak to the Chinese, climate change is not ideological issue. It’s just a fact of life. While we debate climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy, the debate is past in China,” Mr. (Donald) Pols said.  “For them it’s implementation. It’s a growth sector, and they want to capture this sector.”

When you read this little quote from Mr. Pols he makes it seem like the Chinese have debated the issue back and forth and have decided that climate change or global warming are a fact of life and the Chinese have to change because they don’t want the sea levels to rise and all that malarkey. With the Chinese it is a business decision, plain and simple. If the world is going to insist that green technology be developed and used (whether by force of government action or voluntarily) they want a piece of that pie.  The only green ideology for the Chinese government/business is the green of cold, hard cash.

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